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Wildly Alive

Ignites your present
through conscious movement,
sustainable lifestyle notes,
small precious experiences,
emotions, travels and beauty.
Keri invites you to join her on this wild journey!

Keri Gonzato

I am a wild thing. My passion is living through every cell of the body with yoga, meditation, capoeira and dancing. Running through woods, surfing oceans and snowboarding mountains. I am a journalist as well as a meditation and conscious movement teacher… Wildly Alive is born to share my passions and love for life with you. I believe we’re all meant to live a wildly rich, lush and yummy existence!

Conscious Mover Curriculum

Dancing Freedom in the US with Samantha Sweetwater

Osho Meditations/Dance in India — 4 months

5 Rythms Workshop – 3 Days

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Kelly Griswold 200 hrs International Yoga Alliance

Budokon University  Yoga Teacher Training with Cameron & Melayne Shayne — 50 hrs

Jivamukti Yoga & other yoga workshops – In Switzerland and other countries

Capoeira Ticino – Weekly practice

The Bridge Method con Alexi & Preston Smiles — 3 Months

Path of Love & Awakening of Love Workshops  — 6 Years

Primal Panting with Meera in Tuscany Miasto – 4 Days



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